In today’s competitive environment, achieving peak performance involves much more than reaching peak physical fitness.

The field of sport and performance psychology focuses on providing every performer the resources to power their inner edge by strengthening the ability to perform, as well as the ability to thrive in sport and life. At Fortitude Sport Psychology, we lead our clients through goal-setting, concentration, motivation, relaxation, and imagery techniques that improve the mental skills that help athletes consistently perform at their highest potential.

At Fortitude Sport Psychology, our certified professionals approach each athlete on an individual basis by using the latest evidence-based approaches, methods, and interventions in a culturally-competent manner to elevate their performance and well-being. It is our mission to help each athlete reach their highest potential in sport and in life.

Everybody can! Sport and performance psychology practitioners work with people at every age and across a variety of performance specialities, including the following:

  • Sport (athletes/coaches/Parents) (youth-pro)
  • Tactical (military, firefighters, police)
  • Performing Arts (dancers and musicians)
  • Business (executives)
  • Medicine (physicians and surgeons)

A significant problem in sports today is the lack of certification and formal training required to work with athletes. The word “coach” is not a regulated term. Many people wake up one day and decide to become a “coach” or “mental coach.”

However, many “mental coaches” lack the formal education, training, and certification required to effectively and ethically help Individuals seeking to improve their mental health.

Just because someone is high functioning in their respective sport does not mean they are immune to mental health issues. Only licensed counsellors, psychologists, social workers, and psychiatrists are qualified to assess and treat mental health issues.

According to the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (

“Certification as a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC®) demonstrates to clients, employers, colleagues, and the public at large that an individual has met the highest standards of professional practice, including completing a combination of educational and work requirements, successfully passing a certification exam, agreeing to adhere to ethical principles and standards, and committing to ongoing professional development. The National Commission also accredits the CMPC® certification program for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

These individuals have obtained objective validation of their expertise in helping clients develop and use mental, life, and self-regulatory skills to optimize performance, enjoyment, and personal development in sport or other domains (e.g., performing arts, military).

CMPC®s are individuals with a master’s or doctoral degree in sport science, psychology, or a closely related field who have met specific course requirements and have completed an extensive, mentored applied experience. The disciplines included within the sport psychology field applicable to those holding the CMPC designation include clinical psychology, educational psychology and clinical mental health counselling, social work, industrial-organizational psychology, and sport psychology from a sport science basis. A CMPC® may work with a wide variety of participants in sport and performance.”

We do not request or post testimonials from individuals because we feel it is unethical. We do not take credit for clients’ successes, and we do not want them to feel we are the reason for their progress. We think our credentials stand for themselves, and we feel confident in the treatment plans for you or your child.

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